Case: IlmastoAreena 2021

IlmastoAreena is an environmental event organized in Ii, Finland, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The purpose of IlmastoAreena is to highlight Ii’s climate work and at the same time bring people together to discuss solutions to climate change.

IlmastoAreena 2021 included several different events over three days. Events were organized at several different venues at different times. The goal was to display the event calendar and event information in the most user-friendly and clear way possible.

The event’s website was implemented on the WordPress platform, offering visitors an easy way to navigate through the versatile software. Schedules were easily filterable by date, location, speaker and/or category, making it easier for visitors to find the parts of the event that interested them. In addition, the speakers and organizers of the event were clearly listed on their own pages, through which visitors could get to know their backgrounds and presentations. Each page was linked to the corresponding schedule, which made navigation seamless and user-friendly.

During the event, visitors were also offered the opportunity to watch embedded live stream videos with live chat in real time through the website. This enabled participation even remotely and created an interactive experience of the event. IlmastoAreena 2021 showed how technology and event experience can be combined to create an innovative and seamless user experience.

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IlmastoAreena 2021 WordPress-verkkosivujen Info-sivu
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