Case: Datacanis

Datacanis is a dog database application whose goal is to compile comprehensive and high-quality data about dogs in order to promote responsible and sustainable dog breeding. The application is designed to provide its users with reliable and useful information about dogs’ backgrounds, health and family lines.

Datacanis collects extensive information about dogs, litters and breeders, which is easy and efficient to search and filter. Logged-in users can also register new dogs and litters using the application’s forms and manage the dogs they own. The user interface is available in both Finnish and English, which makes it possible to reach a wide user base.

I have designed and implemented the entire Datacanis user interface myself. The frontend of the project is implemented with React.js, the server side with Node.js, and the database solution is MongoDB. In addition to the project’s user interface, I have been responsible for layout design, project management and documentation management.

The first beta version of Datacanis was released in 2021, and the development of the project is still actively ongoing. The user interface of the database is available at, where users can familiarize themselves with the dog database and take advantage of its features.

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Datacanis -koiratietokantasovelluksen etusivu
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