Nina Ojala

I am a UI/UX engineer and a dog breeder from Pirkanmaa, Finland, and my passions are technology and dogs.

In my own projects, my goal is to combine these two passions by renewing and enhancing dog breeding practices with the help of technology and data. I also want to offer better tools for dog people in all areas of the industry. My goal is to participate in the creation of user-friendly, research-based tools that promote sustainable and ethical dog breeding.

When working with clients, I am meticulous and detail-oriented. It is important for me to understand what the customer wants and I always want to make sure that we are on the same page. Above all, my desire is to help and also be empathetic towards the customer, because the technology jungle can be a really confusing and even stressful environment for many. In that jungle, you need Nina, who helps, advises and works genuinely for the best of the customer.

In my spare time, besides spending a lot of time with my beloved dogs, my hobbies are drawing, knitting, gardening and agility.

Nina Ojala esittelykuva

Why should you choose Nina?​

Experience and passion

I’ve been making websites since I was a kid. I have a genuine passion for the design and implementation of websites, which will certainly be seen for the benefit of the customer as well. My approach is customer-oriented – for me, it is important to find out exactly what the customer wants from the site and how to reach this goal.


Every project is unique to me. I listen carefully to your needs and your vision, and together we create a site that fully reflects the brand and values ​​of your company, association or project. It is of the utmost importance to me that things are done from start to finish with high quality and down to the last detail.

Extensive expertise at your disposal

I want to support the customer in all stages of website design, implementation and maintenance. So if you needed help now or in the future to develop the appearance, functionality and user path, I’m always at your disposal.

Expertise in IT


  •  Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Information and Communications Technology)
  • Vocational degree in Information and Telecommunications technology

Website design and implementation

I got my first domain at the age of 7 and started exploring the world of HTML and CSS. From HTML pages, I moved on to familiarize myself with content management systems (CMS). I used Joomla 2.5/3.0 for many years until I decided to try the content management system everyone was talking about – WordPress. Since then, I have built several websites with WordPress, both for my own projects and for companies and associations.

UI Design

I have done several client projects related to UI design as a freelancer and consultant. The work projects have included a wide variety of user interfaces and user needs, ranging from control panels for production environments to various management systems.

Frontend development

I have strong expertise in frontend development. React.js and the Material UI library have become particularly familiar. I’m also familiar with modern development processes and version control (Git).

Project management and planning

I have done project management and planning in both my own and customer projects using DevOps methods. I also have experience using Jira in project management and documentation.

Read more about my work experience and the courses and training I have attended in my LinkedIn profile.

Technologies I'm familiar with

  • Adobe software, e.g; Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
  • UI design tools; Adobe XD, Figma
  • Frontend development libraries; React.js, Vue.js
  • Database technologies; MongoDB, Firebase
  • CMS systems; WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla
  • Development tools; DevOps, Jira, GitHub, PostMan, VS Studio Code
Tekninen osaaminen


Dogs have been a big part of my life for over 15 years. I have been breeding dogs on a small scale for over 10 years.

On the field, I have been more and less active, mainly in obedience and agility. In obedience, I have competed with two of my dogs at the national level.

I have been involved in the activities of several dog associations and through that have organized and held various dog related events and dog training courses.

With dogs, I am particularly interested in their structure, movement and anatomy as well as genetics. I am passionate about the dog world through the perspective of dog-orientedness, ethics and sustainability.


I am interested in supporting dog-oriented dog breeding that utilizes researched data.

To support the idea, I founded Ethicanis in 2021, which in 2023 merged with the international organization Functional Dog Collaborative, which pursued identical values ​​with Ethicanis. So we decided to join forces and continue working together under FDC.

I have been a board member of the Functional Dog Collaborative since the end of 2023.

I am the founder of the Datacanis dog database. You can find more information about the technical implementation of the Datacanis database on the Customer cases -page.

Dog related education

List of some dog related courses, seminars and other education I have attended.

  • Kasvattajan peruskurssi – Basic Course of Dog Breeder (Finnish Kennel Club 2011)
  • Koetoimitsijan peruskurssi – Basic Course of Trial Steward (Finnish Kennel Club 2016)
  • TOKO:n koetoimitsijakurssi – Steward Course of Obedience Trials (Finnish Kennel Club 2017)
  • Arkitottelevaisuuskoulutusohjaajakurssi – Obedience Training Instructor Course (Finnish Kennel Club 2017)
  • Jari Kantoluoto: Tunnetilan hallinta teoriasta käytäntöön (seminar, 2018)
  • Katriina Tiira: Harrastuskoiran luonne ja persoonallisuus – mihin asioihin voi jalostuksella vaikuttaa? (Koiratieto-seminar, 2020)
  • Juha Kallio: Luusto ja nivelsairaudet arkielämän, harrastusten ja jalostuksen kannalta (Koiratieto-seminar 2020)
  • Agria KoiraExpo -seminar 2021
  • Embark Canine Health Summit -conference 2021
  • ABC’s of Canine Anatomy -course (AKC 2021)
  • Conformation and Movement -course (KC 2022)
  • Koiran rakenne, laaja oppimäärä – Dog Structure, extensive curriculum (Koirataito SM 2022)
  • The Biology of Dogs -course (Institute of Canine Biology 2022)
  • Dog Breeding for The Future -symposium (The Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals 2023)

Questions, comments or suggestions?​

Feel free to contact me any time!
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