Case: Automaatio-opiskelijoiden kilta ry

Automaatio-opiskelijoiden kilta ry,  or AOK, is an association of students studying electrical and automation technology at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The purpose of the association is to promote students’ professional skills and knowledge of their profession, and to maintain a spirit of cooperation among its members.

AOK is dedicated to offering its students versatile opportunities for networking, learning and professional development. In order to stay current and meet the needs of its members, AOK decided to update and modernize its website, which serves as an important communication channel for its members and potential new members.

The website update used the WordPress platform, which offers a flexible and easy-to-use solution for website maintenance and development. In the design of the new look, not only the brand of the association was taken into account, but also the needs and expectations of the members. One of the main goals was to make the site bilingual by offering content in both Finnish and English. In this way, AOK is able to serve a wider audience and also attract international students and partners.

In addition, AOK wanted to integrate an embedded social media feed on its website, which enables real-time interaction and information sharing between different channels. This increases user engagement on the site and helps maintain an active community online.

In summary, AOK’s updated website reflects the association’s commitment to the needs of its members and the use of technology in communication. The renewed website offers its users an even better user experience and the opportunity to participate in the association’s activities in a versatile and easy way.

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Automaatio-opiskelijoiden Kilta ry:n WordPress-sivujen etusivu
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