Case: Functional Dog Collaborative

The Functional Dog Collaborative (FDC) stands as a beacon of support and guidance for both intentional crossbreeders and enthusiasts of purebred canines alike. As a non-profit organization deeply committed to the welfare of our four-legged companions, FDC recognized the imperative to enhance its digital presence and streamline user experience on its website.

Over the years, a wealth of invaluable content had accrued within the FDC online ecosystem. However, navigating this treasure trove of information had become a daunting task for visitors.

Additionally, we wanted to expand FDC’s reach and support by introducing an online merchandise store to help sustain the organizations mission.

With this in mind, we embarked on a website redesign journey, ensuring that every pixel reflected the essence of FDC’s mission and values. Through strategic layout adjustments and a harmonious blend of colors and branding, we achieved a digital space that feels both inviting and professional.

In my role as the architect of this transformation, I prioritized user experience and engagement. We wanted visitors to easily discover how they could contribute to FDC’s cause, whether through volunteering, purchasing merchandise, or making donations. Key resources, such as the extensive article library and enlightening podcast series, were prominently featured for effortless access.

Furthermore, we integrated an online merchandise store, seamlessly connected to Printify’s print-on-demand service. This not only enhances the shopping experience for our visitors but also provides a sustainable revenue stream to support our ongoing initiatives.

In essence, our redesigned website serves as a gateway to a world of knowledge and support for ethical dog breeding practices. By optimizing the digital presence of the FDC, we aim to empower individuals to join the community in creating a brighter future for our canine companions.


With the redesign, the association’s pages received more traffic and significantly more donations than before. The new online store also started to bring in income steadily right after the release date. The members of the association and the board were very satisfied with the new site, the improvements it brought and the implementation of the project.

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